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Cost of hvac Installation

Many factors contribute to the cost of installing air conditioners and heating units. Factors include efficiency rating, size of unit, type of unit, location restrictions factors and whether your unit is fueled by gas or electric.

Efficency Ratings

New minimum energy ratings have been established for all new HVAC installations, which have increased the cost of replacing your air conditioner, but do provide energy cost savings for you. The new DOE minimum energy efficiency requirements are part of ongoing efforts to reduce energy consumption in the U.S. and save home and property owners money. When the time comes to replace or upgrade existing systems, new higher efficiency, 2023 DOE compliant equipment is required. For air conditioners, efficiency standards vary by region. The U.S. is divided into three regions based on climate: North, South (east), and Southwest. The climate makes a big difference in how often air conditioners and heat pumps operate; those that operate more have greater opportunities for energy savings. Therefore, air conditioners installed in southwest must achieve a 15.0 SEER rating or 14.3 SEER2. Heat pumps must achieve a minimum efficiency of 15.0 SEER or 14.3 SEER2.

Type and size of Unit

Residential HVAC units size range from 1 ton to 5 ton. Larger residential properties would have multiple units to provide heating and cooling throughout the living areas. Split systems have an air handler or furnace inside your home, and a condenser outside. Package units contain both the condenser and air handler and are usually on the rooftop. New ductless systems, or mini-split systems are energy efficient and are useful for specific installations.

Price range Residential System Installations

All HVAC systems from Controlled Comfort include expert installation. Additional discounts and promotions may be available. Mini-split Systems start at $3999 with basic installation. Minimum required energy rating (14.3) 2 Ton Split Systems and Package units start at $9200. Larger Systems (5 Ton) High Efficiency with Communicating Systems can range all the way up to $18,600 after the qualifying NV Energy Instant Rebates of $2400.

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