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Heat Pump Repair

We service all heat pump units. We make repairs to electrical failures, ice build-up on the outdoor coils, an inoperable/broken reverse valve, refrigerant leaks, and replace parts such as Thermal Expansion Valves (TXV), Defrost Control Board, Heat Exchanger, Reversing Valve, Electronically Commutated Blower Motors (ECM), Blower Motor Belt, Accumulator, and Heat Strips

brand new outdoor heat pump
Heat Pump Replacement
We replace all types of Heat Pumps: Package and Split Systems, Heat strips, Air-Handlers (Hydronic and First Company closet style), and Back-up Electrical Heaters.
Heat Pump Equipment
We use professional quality equipment from Trane, Bosch, York, Day and Night, and OXBOX by Trane. We install heat pump package systems and heat pump split systems. 2-5 Ton units with 14,16, and 18 SEER ratings.
furnace for large building
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