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Installation & Repair

At Controlled Comfort, we specialize in both repair and installation of mini-split systems. If need service, you can schedule an appointment online or call our great customer service team and we will get you scheduled for a technician to come out to service mini-split repair.  


And, if you are thinking about adding a new mini-split to your home, office, garage, casita or anywhere else, let Controlled Comfort come out and provide you a FREE Estimate for your project.


One of our Comfort Specialist will come out access your project and sit down with you and discuss all our options, so you can make an informed decision that best suits your needs. We offer a range of brands and options that can fit any need and budget.



What is a mini-split?

A mini-split is a heating and air conditioning system that allows you to manage the temperature for a specific space or room. Mini-Splits are heat pumps which use refrigerant to both cool and heat. There are two primary components with a mini-split system, he outdoor condenser and the inside air handler(s).


The main difference between a mini-split system and conventional systems are that mini-splits are ductless. So, unlike conventional systems where air is treated and then is pushed out through ducts by a centralized air handler or furnace, a mini-split uses smaller individual air handlers that are located in the actual space they are cooling or heating. These mini air handlers are either wall mounted (see picture) or ceiling mounted cassettes. The ceiling cassettes mounted once look similar to the standard vents you see on a conventional system. 

The ductless aspect of a mini-split make it an ideal solution for situations where adding ducts is either difficult, inconvenient or impossible. They are often used in garages, offices or as a secondary source for those hard to cool rooms. The bottom line is if you have a space to cool a mini-split can be an ideal solution. 

Another valuable aspect of mini-splits is they are especially energy efficient as compared to conventional systems. Most mini-split systems basic models would qualify as very efficient conventional systems. For example, many manufactures highest efficiency conventional models are 20 SEER, which is a pretty standard SEER for a mini-split. 

Ceiling Mount full mini.jfif
Ceiling Mount mini.jfif

What Brands of Mini-Split is best?

At Controlled Comfort we carry several of the best brands of Mini-Split on the market today. We are a Mitsubishi dealer and Mitsubishi is commonly recognized as the highest quality equipment in the segment. We also offer several other great brands like Fujitsu, AC Pro, Gree, Daiken and Friedrich. This wide range of brands allows our team to find the right equipment and price point to find your needs.

Are there different types or mini-splits?

There two different types of mini-splits, there are single zone and multi-zone systems. Single zone systems use one air handler and are meant to service one space or room, whereas multi-zone systems are specifically made to cool multiple spaces with multiple air handlers. These multi-zone systems allow you to cool each space to a specific temperature in each individual space or room. 


How much does a mini-split cost?

There are several things that impact the cost of a mini-split system. Including the size of the system, whether it is single zone or multi-zone, how many zones or air handlers, the SEER rating, the type of air handler(s) (wall or ceiling), the length of the line-set runs, the difficulty of the installation, any possible electrical upgrades or relocation that may be required and what brand you choose. All of these factors will impact the cost of the system and it will take a visit from a Controlled Comfort Specialist to give you an accurate proposal for your project. 

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