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Oxbox 2.5 Ton 16 SEER Split-System

Split-System Features:

J4AC6 Condenser

  • Oxbox up to 16 SEER units are available in R‑410A models only

  • 1.5 – 5 ton models available

  • Painted, galvanized steel cabinets resist rust and stand up to weather

  • The compact design and small footprint are ideal for homeowners with limited yard space

  • Units operate quietly, with a maximum sound level of 76 decibels

  • 24V low‑voltage control provides added safety

How much to install?
*Snug Plan is automatically included in pricing, Total price may vary depending on Package chosen.

J4MXC Coil

  • All-aluminum coil design

  • Multi-positional installation — Upflow, downflow, horizontal left, horizontal right

  • Foil-faced thermal insulation makes cleaning simple and helps reduce service time

  • All coils are shipped with a Fixed Metering Device (Flow Control Check Valve, FCCV) Some rated combinations require a TXV kit, ordered separately. See the coil installation instructions for piston and TXV matches.

  • 13 different models are available to suit a variety of situations and budgets

J801X Furnace

  • FER Compliant

  • 80% AFUE

  • 100% fired and tested

  • Silicon nitride igniters

  • Aluminized steel heat exchangers

  • Available in Upflow, Horizontal Right, Horizontal Left and Downflow

  • Fully convertible to either natural gas or liquid propane

  • Certified to achieve Energy Star cabinet air leakage requirement of less than or equal to 2%

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